My Star Filled World

**You have entered my world.. my world of the unknown and deep thinking**

The galaxy is filled with so much mystery it so intriguing to me. Have you ever had those moments where you look outside and just wonder what is out there? It happens to me on a nightly basis, I always feel like I am an extremely small spec in a huge pool. My thoughts, my life and everything surrounding me seems like such trivial things at the moment when I am siting there thinking about the stars.

You could say sometimes it is almost a therapy session while I am sitting out on my porch looking at my stars. I think about life, love ( or lack there of )  and everything in between? What do you think of? Does looking at the Stars calm you?

Stars, Galaxy

This picture reminds me of an IMAX theater movie you would watch at a museum or something

It is so hard to find the stars now days with all the changes in the world, I cant imagine going back and looking at how others saw the world back 200 years ago. Beautiful, quiet, and unknown.

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Evolution of Galaxy’s 

Recently, the Chandra X-ray Observatory and other telescopes used by NASA, located a galaxy cluster that is believed to be caught soon after the birth of the cluster.  This is a series of events in galaxy’s that has never been seen before. Scientists are now allowed to follow these important growth stages in a galaxy to learn how they form and at what rates of speed galaxy’s can actually form at.

The name of the newly formed galaxy is CL J1001+0220.  The distance away from Earth is an astronomical 11.1 billion light years.  The size of us is so small compared to what is actually out there in space.  Space is endless and has so much to offer from newly discovered galaxies like CL J1001 to older galaxies like is 13.4 billion light years away like GN-z11.

Why is it important that our scientists find new galaxy clusters? Maybe a reiki master could tell us?  A galaxy cluster opens up insights on dark matter. This allows scientists to study the dark matter around us and learn more about how it behaves with normal matter.  Galaxy cluster are made up of thousands of galaxies that have different amount of dark matter in them.  It is believed by scientists that if there is more dark matter in a cluster, then the cluster is heavier.  The behavior of dark matter will change, that’s why this is an important find because the dark matter in CL J1001 is so heavy and in an early stage of it’s birth of formation.

To one of these scientists and be able to see these galaxies be found must be mind blowing.  To be see, rather than hear about them would make you feel smaller than anything else out there.  What is next?  With all of the planets being found that are within the habitable zone to the sun, will we find another planet similar to earth in this newly found cluster that could have life? There is too much out there for there not to be anything at all.